Alicia Octavia

Change Agent, Creator and Educator.

My purpose in life is to decrease the stigma around mental health. Throughout various outlets in my life I am able to fulfill that purpose In a variety of ways. As a change agent, I provide therapy from individuals to couples who may be dealing with life stressors. In that same capacity I provide clinical supervision and consultation to other clinicians practicing in the field. As a creative, I co-host a podcast with a friend, called 2 Elephants in the Room — with a purpose of educating the community about mental health and talking about uncomfortable conversations. I am also a lover of words, and created a poetry book about five years ago which is away for me to tap into my creative side and do some storytelling. In the role of Educator, I often provide trainings in the community, speak on panels and events, teach at Winthrop University and UNC Charlotte in the School of Social Work.

I have lived on the east and west coast to include living out of the country in South Africa for a stint. My Bachelor of Social Work was conferred by Virginia Commonwealth University and Howard University granted me my Master of Social Work. The areas of expertise include working with individuals who have been impacted by depression, anxiety, psychosis, HIV/AIDS, trauma and identity issues. Having resided in Washington, DC, Brooklyn, NY, and Los Angeles, CA — I was exposed to many individuals on a variety of paths of life and also receiving trainings in areas related to parenting, managing behaviors, addressing thought disorders, overcoming traumatic experiences and addressing addiction.







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